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A Culture of Customer Service

through total company involvement


What you will learn

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In this powerful seminar, Tom Fife shows how to implement and sustain the transforming impact of exceptional customer service on your organization.

Attendees will:

¬ Learn how to make a difference – understanding the impact of customer service on businesses and individuals.

¬ Increase your awareness of everyday service opportunities

¬ Recognize the levels of service, and keep yours at the top

¬ Understand the benefits of complaining customers, how to deal with them and learn from them.

¬ Be reminded to use common sense and empower yourself to give service that sells itself

¬ See how  “internal” customer service affects the bottom line

¬ Learn Tom’s Seven Elements Of Success – easily implemented practices that will sustain a culture of service and profitability throughout the entire organization.


Each and every attendee will gain an in-depth understanding of Real Customer Service – the kind that costs nothing to implement and puts real dollars on the bottom line.


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Who should attend?

Because of the universality of the message, everyone in a company will benefit from this seminar.  It is appropriate for:

¬ front line workers

¬ salespeople

¬ administrative personnel

¬ managers

¬ owners

¬ policy/decision makers. 


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About the Program

True customer service is a reflection of employees’ perceptions of their own worth and value to the company.  Employees who are treated properly by management are empowered to give customers superior service.  In this program, Tom explains how superior customer service is a natural by-product of humanizing the workplace.  He covers the levels of customer service, ways to involve the entire organization in giving superior service, and how to receive and benefit from negative customer feedback. He will explain, in depth, the “Seven Elements” of successful customer service.

  The primary function of business is the acquisition and maintenance of customers.  Without our customers we have no chance of fulfilling the goal of business – that of making a profit.  The successful leader understands that how well the customer is served is the critical factor to business success both in good times and bad.  Leadership’s ability to involve the entire team in service excellence is essential to growth and prosperity. The level to which a leader can inspire and teach exemplary service is a measure of his success in any business. 

     The ability to interact with customers, from prospecting to providing long term care goes hand in glove with the ability to interact with each other in a team effort to provide total customer care.  When we keep our customers happy guess what happens?  We keep our customers.

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  • Understand that customer service is the function of business
  • Realize that everyone is responsible for customer service
  • Re-define the customer to include the entire team
  • Identify the seven elements of total customer service
  • Learn how to prepare and empower the team to give true customer service
  • Recognize the value of complaining customers and find ways to gain their loyalty

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