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May I Suggest a Box?

If I told you that I had a way for you to save money, increase efficiency, inspire involvement, improve communications, build trust and heighten respect that cost you nothing with no additional workforce or equipment would you be interested?

In these times of needing to get more out of less to be profitable we need to employ a simple tool that accomplishes all of the above. That tool is a suggestion program. Within everyone lies a reservoir of powerful potential that too often goes un-tapped. We already have people who can find better ways of doing their jobs, we simply need to incorporate their ideas in the creative thinking process of our businesses.

A system to capture better ways of doing business can be as simple as a suggestion box or as complex as you care to make it, but the easier it is for your team to participate the better.  If you want a better way to build a load, who knows better than the load builder? The individuals performing the tasks are always the ones who have the best ideas on improvements.  We just need to give them a way to let us know what it is that needs to be changed.

Suggestion programs are a true win-win situation.  American business saved approximately 3 billion dollars last year by implementing employee suggestions.  Suggestion programs are big business. When we pay our team members, we pay for the whole human not just his/her back or arms. A brain comes with the package, and, given a chance to perform, their creative thinking will inevitably generate better ways of doing things in our companies.

The simplest way to involve our team in creative thinking is a Suggestion Box placed in an easy to get to location. The easier it is to use - the more it will be used.  Some companies pay a small stipend for any suggestion of 5 or 10 dollars. Others use t-shirts, gift certificates or at least recognition in front of the entire team at a meeting. Suggestions should be processed monthly and communication back to the employee should be given regardless of whether the idea is used or not. It’s just as important to let someone know why their idea won’t be used as it is to get back with those who’s ideas are implemented. Be mindful that if the communication stops, so will the suggestions.

Finding better ways of doing business is everyone’s job, and a good suggestion program is the forum needed to implement them.

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